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    I am so glad this service exists to help people like me who are homeless and in need - I’d be lost without this help.
Integrated Young Person Service

T presented as a 17 year old young women to homeless housing as needing accommodation and support. When in discussion she disclosed she has been unable to stay living at home with dad as he had assaulted her on numerous occasions including a discussion with Social Services team. Dad had started drinking alcohol since T's mum had died 2 years previously. Dad was struggling with cope with grief and being a single parent. 

Following another assault from dad, T had been offered a room with a friend of the family, who had an 11 year old boy. Over time T was expected by the family friend to look after and childmind the 11 year old on a daily basis when T was not in college and in any spare time she had and including till late at night while the family friend went out socialising. 

During her stay at family friend’s house T took an overdose as she has since stated “I felt trapped”. 

When T was recovering from overdose at family friend’s house the family friend while under the influence of alcohol asked the T to look after her child till late T said she wasn’t feeling well emotionally and they had an argument. 

The family friend then told her to move out move out. T had nowhere to go T called Flintshire County Council's Housing options team. 

The Integrated Young Person Service (IYPS) contacted T and ask her what support she wanted T she wanted to feel safe and have any accommodation as she was fearful of becoming street homeless. 

I contacted the family friend who confirmed T was now homeless and IYPS contacted the Supporting People team to see what availability they had. The Supporting People Team had no available spaces. I completed a referral and also contacted Local Solutions project to add T to their list for accommodation for when they have a space available for her. 

T was offered interim accommodation which she took and said: “I’m so grateful for all this support”. IYPS collected T and helped her move her belongings to the B & B accommodation while we while awaiting a space with a project. 

T said “I have no money to buy food and anything I need”. The YP was supported to apply for Universal Credit and her Education and Maintenance Allowance and financially supported for a short while from SP funding money until benefits where in payment and supported with foodbank provisions. 

T was emotionally supported as she said she felt “glad I am now safe but also feel a bit upset about everything that has happened" and said “Things have not been the same since mum died”. We discussed at length if she felt she needed any other support with her MH as she was open to CAHMS. T said “To be honest I think I will be fine now if you continue to support me until I get somewhere to live and get settled” IYPS continued to support with visits to B & B and phone calls and encouraged T to engage with CAHMS which she did. No other MH issues presented or where reported. 

T said during one of our conversations she commented on the IYPS service direct quote:

”I am so glad this service exists to help people like me, who are homeless and in need - I’d be lost without this help” 

T was offered a move to a supported project and settled in well and we discussed future plans IYPS encouraged T to reach her potential in applying for university once she finishes college now she had suitable accommodation she felt safe in. 

During my last visit to young person she stated that:

“You have changed my mind about University Course I want to do Health and Social care now, because I want to help others like you have helped me move forward in my life I feel ready.” 

T stayed in supported accommodation for 10 months became able to live independently. While there, she applied for University and left to go to University in September 2021 and stated in a recent conversation:

“I am doing really well, I am more than happy to have my case highlighted to tell people about what you do as its needed." 

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