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    I don’t use drugs or drink alcohol anymore. Education is my drug now, my empowerment.
Lisa Pritchard

Cadwyn Housing Association a ‘not for profit’ organisation with housing roots. Cardiff based, they provide good quality, affordable homes to people from all walks of life including single people, families, people who have previously been homeless, people from minority ethnic backgrounds and people on low incomes. Their supported housing section offers support to people who need help to maintain a tenancy or overcome a specific issue.

Lisa has been supported by Cadwyn to overcome several issues and won the ‘Personal Achievement’ category at the 2014 Promoting Independence Awards. 

Lisa has suffered for 20 years with depression and is a single mum of four with no family help. She felt 'hopeless' when she first started getting support from Cadwyn and was experiencing a range of problems including substance use, debt and a difficult relationship with her children.

Lisa set herself the following goals:

  • To deal with her debts and have enough money for her family
  • To have a more peaceful family environment and a better relationship with her children
  • To be abstinent of drink and drugs
  • For the family to eat healthily
  • To go on a college course.

Lisa worked with children's agencies, seeing them and her support worker weekly and attending courses to help her build a better relationship with her children.

Lisa was supported to apply for grants and to address her debts head on. She was supported to apply for an Administration Order and attended court and made payments to achieve this.

She also saw a counsellor from CADT and had support from her support worker to address her drug taking and drinking. In addition, Lisa did her own research around eating healthily and cooking meals for her family and had support from 'Realise Your Potential' to attend firstly short courses and then summer school to progress her learning.

Sometimes success stories are 'hit and miss' or come in 'fits and starts' but Lisa has put so much effort into her family's life' that she has made tremendous and surprising achievements.

Lisa was struggling financially 'begging from Peter to pay Paul' and didn't think she could turn it around. She has now had £2,000 of her debt written off and had £5,000 put into an Administration Order; debt that will be wiped shortly due to her persistence in paying it. She had enough money this year to save towards a family holiday.

Previously, Lisa felt hopeless with regards to her children's 'rule' of her and Social Services were involved. She now has a good relationship with her children; she has gained respect from them and they talk more. She is also taking the family’s health seriously and has been planning and cooking healthy meals.

Lisa has been abstinent from drugs for a year now and drinks only occasionally and socially. She has kept her abstinence from drugs despite incredibly difficult and stressful times, including a relationship break up. 

Since leaving school at 16, Lisa hadn’t studied for 20 years. She started doing short courses and in the summer attended a day school and identified the career route she wanted to pursue. She started a bridging course in September and is now undertaking an access course at university where she will be starting her degree in September next year.

Lisa has exceeded her own and everybody else's expectations - she had never thought that with four children; three of which are school age she would be able to go back to college, let alone university. 

Lisa has gained tremendous strength and resilience and proved herself 'in for the long fight'. 

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