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MGJ - Digartref

M is a 34 year old male who suffers with damage to the nerves on his lower spine after a fall, he is in constant pain and walks with a stick to ease the pressure and lessen the pain. He was in the process of joining a waiting list for an operation to repair the damage before COVID happened, this put a halt to any progress towards going through a procedure to recovery. 

M had become homeless after being forced to leave his tenancy in a shared house due to being bullied and harassed by the other tenants, he had woken up on one occasion and found the perpetrators in his room rummaging through his personal belongings, he felt scared and unsafe, he felt like this most of the time living there, on one occasion M was physically assaulted by another tenant who punched him in the face, the other tenants used to bang on his door randomly shouting insults and making threats towards him. 

In the end M fearing for his safety and for the sake of his own mental health packed a bag of his belongings and he left his own flat and the area that he lived. He had nowhere to go he made his way towards Gwynedd area and found himself sleeping rough around Bangor, the council there wouldn’t help him as he had no local connection, he was given a tent and slept around the Bangor and Menai bridge area, he lived in a tent from January 2019 until November 2019 until he decided to call Anglesey council to attempt to get some help, he had family living on Anglesey which gave him local connection, Anglesey council placed M in a bed and breakfast in Holyhead where he stayed for a few weeks. 

M was referred to the Gerddi Canada project in December 2020 by SPOA as Digartref where looking for B&B tenants that fitted the criteria, he was offered an interview with me and Grant and after meeting M and having a chat with him he was found to be most in need of the supported project and who we thought would benefit from the support, and so was offered a temporary tenancy in one of the flats, M accepted and he moved in on 22nd December 2019 he moved in. 

Whilst living in Gerddi Canada M was given intense tenancy support, he was supported to set up his new tenancy by setting up accounts with the utility companies, we completed a budgeting plan for his shopping and to make his benefits cover the cost of essential items that he needed, such as food, and pay his bills. He was visited 3 times a week and for the first time in almost a year he felt safe again.  

M engaged really well with support whilst living in Gerddi Canada and felt that his life was returning to normality, he had befriended another tenant at Gerddi Canada and the two males leaned on each other for moral support as well as forming a friendship that they still have today. 

M was offered a private tenancy in a flat that had just been built and was supported by myself to go and view the property, he liked it instantly and accepted. M was given lots of support to move into his new permanent secure tenancy and although at first he felt anxious and had a moment of worry he was quickly assured and began to relax and feel excited for his new start, M was supported to set up his utility bills and furniture was applied for through DAF, after a few weeks I was only seeing M once a fortnight and the support was mainly via phone calls. 

M is now managing his tenancy mainly independently, he resolves any issues like bills independently and I call him once a week for a welfare call. If he has anxiety about anything he will contact me and we will resolve the matter together which gives him confidence to resolve issues himself may they arise again.  

M has recently found himself a part time job working in a local take away in the evenings which is going well and he is enjoying.  

M was supported by myself to make contact with his GP and is now awaiting a date for an operation to repair the damage on his lower spine nerves. 

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