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As well as blogs by the Cymorth team, we are also keen to showcase views from across the sector by offering guest blogging opportunities to our members and partners.

This could be a one-off blog on a particular topic, or a more regular feature, perhaps charting the progress of a particular project or campaign.

Please contact Gwyn for more information.


Waiting for the Gordian Knot to be cut: or, How Universal Credit training made me realise we need to devolve further administrative powers

By Oliver Townsend, Policy and External Affairs Manager, Cymorth Cymru


In the last 24 hours, the high court has ruled that the switch to Universal Credit amounted to unlawful discrimination against two disabled men in England, and Read More

Poverty: Housing's Business

by Oliver Townsend, Policy and External Affairs Manager

Poverty has become an all too familiar sight and experience across Wales. Whether we are talking about in-work poverty, or the poverty of homelessness, or anythingin between, it can often feel like an immovable object or an unstoppable force. The problem with poverty is the 'death by a thousand cuts' – not just to those experiencing it, but also to those who are working to address it. The everyday hopelessness, and the ...Read More

Event Roundup: Promoting Wellbeing, Mental Health & Substance Misuse

Thank you to everyone who attended or contributed to Tuesday’s (May 15) Promoting Wellbeing: Mental Health & Substance Misuse conference.

For on overview of the day, lessons learned and action taken, please see here.

Read More

A trauma-informed Cymorth Cymru

By request of the Cymorth team, we have produced this blog to capture different perspectives on how we approach mental health within the organisation. Staff from across the team have shared, where they felt comfortable, their experiences of the organisation and its approach to mental health.

From Oliver Townsend & Jordan Brewer, this is the first in a series of two blog posts.

Jordan Brewer, Policy & Communications Officer:Read More

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