Woman in a yellow sweater talking to a group

Our policy team produce a number of reports on the issues affecting our members and the people they support. Our most recent reports can be found below:

  • COVID-19 lockdown practice examples, May 2020
  • Evidencing the Impact of the HSG, September 2020
  • EBE 2020 ENG cover
    Experts by Experience: How to End Homelessness, March 2020
  • Frontline Network Wales: Year One, October 2021
  • Housing First Anglesey Accreditation, July 2022
  • Housing First Best Practice: The First Year, November 2020
  • Housing First Cardiff Accreditation, July 2021
  • Housing First Conwy Denbighshire Accreditation, August 2020
  • Housing First Milestone Guide, March 2022
  • Lessons from the Frontline #1, June 2021
  • Lessons from the Frontline #2, September 2021
  • Struggles from the Frontline, September 2022